Friday, 4 July 2014

Day 5 Thursday July 3rd. Mileage 1272 miles

Another good days progress. Weather pretty good most of the time.

We have ended the day at a place called Utena in Lithuania. Things have changed a lot when we went from Poland into Lithuania. There are no more hotels at the side of the road, and when we interrogated Tomtom it took us on a dance to an hotel where it was all closed with just a phone number to ring if you need accommodation. The next one we tried we couldn't find and so we asked at a petrol station and tried again unsuccessfully, then enquired at another petrol station and after translating his instructions still could not find it. Then on the way to another Garmin suggested hotel we accidentally came across the hotel we were originally looking for!

Settled into the hotel with help from the receptionist who speaks better English than we do Russian, and then when we were sat at the bar having a drink before ordering dinner she tells us that the restaurant closes at 9pm. We thought not a problem as it was just 8:00pm, but then the receptionist says no it is 9:00pm; we had unknowingly crossed into another time zone.
Anyway our helpful receptionist then managed to order two takeaway family sized pizzas which she had delivered. The pizzas seemed very good but they do when you are hungry and you have had a few beers.


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Location:Utena Lithuania

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