Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day 25 Wednesday 23rd July

After our second night at our three bed, single room hotel we set off for a good days travel.

Unfortunately it took us three attempts and about 45 mins to find the correct road out of town. There are no road signs in Mongolia it seems that all the locals know where they are going and there are so few visitors that it is not worth the cost of putting up road signs.

We eventually got underway in the right direction and today we saw our first camels. They were branded, but just roaming free.

It was a very hot day and water intake and storage is a big issue for us. As soon as we stop to refuel the bikes we are looking to re-stock on bottled water. Unfortunately when you eventually find a shop they often only have 2 or 3 bottles of water.

Frank had a major off at the back of the group and was just laid on the floor for a while until Dave came back to look for him. He had seriously bruised his ankle, and was struggling to walk and when on the bike to balance and change gear. This slowed our progress and eventually we came to a river crossing and decided to stop and camp early to give time for Frank and the rest of us to recover a little.

We had a big discussion about tyres and wether the delay in putting on the knobbly tyres had contributed to the days incident. So we decided to change the tyres, and set about in the evening doing the task of changing 8 tyres. This takes longer than you think but because it was a lovely calm and mosquito free evening we pressed on and got 6 of them completed.

Paul cooked a delicious corned beef savoury rice stew and we all went to bed tired and nervous about how bad Franks foot was going to be in the morning.

More later

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  1. Hi you all think there may be a good reason that they have so few visitors...??? I still wish I was with you!!