Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day 13 Friday July 11th

Another two hours lost in the day as we are now 6 hours ahead of UK time.

Last night Geoff went to bed slightly earlier than Paul, and apparently when he came to the room Geoff was giving it big "zzzzzzzz" so Paul went and fetched the woman who cleans the rooms and said listen to this noise that I have to sleep with !!

Next morning up and away to the amusement of the hotel staff who always seem to keenly watch us pack all our bags onto the bikes. So waved goodbye to all the onlookers and away.

The weather is very different today very cool and overcast. Almost immediately we start to gently climb into the Ural mountains. Lots of traffic mainly lorries and with rain just starting not good visibility for overtaking.
We passed the scene of an accident where a large articulated lorry had crashed and spilt his load of paint tins everywhere. The air smelt of paint.

We stopped at the highest point (1100m) and had an early lunch. The weather had really closed on by this time and we were also in the clouds.

Just after lunch we saw two instances where when following a large lorry downhill on what looked to be sloppy roads the back of the lorry went out of control and skidded sideways with the main drive can still keeping in line unfortunately on each occasion we did not have the cameras operating at the time.

We also saw a large dead deer carcass on the road, and we all reflected on what little chance you would have if you hit one at speed.

Whilst travelling in convoy Geoff had got a distance behind the others and to compound this was then pulled over by one of the many policemen with speed cameras, but fortunately it was just to tell me to put my headlight on.
No suggestion of a fine on this occasion. There are lots of police positioned with speed radar traps.

We stopped for a routine fuel fill up. When you buy petrol in Russia you have to order and pay for a fixed quantity and Paul calculated that 35 litres would be enough, but in the language confusion only in fact ordered 30 litres, and that is all you get, leaving Geoff with no fuel. So Geoff went and after making everybody else at the payment counter get frustrated having to wait because of the language difficulty, thought he had ordered another 10 litres. But on eventually getting back to the pump realised that "dvat sat" is in fact 20 and not 10. So then he had to call the others back over with their jerry cans to take the extra 10 litres.

We had a coffee at this place so I went and took a photo of the people queuing to order their petrol!

Here is a photo of the truckers motel where we stayed. This had to have been the most depressing place we have stayed to date.

The food also was pretty dismal. The best option seemed to be meatballs with macaroni, and an awful weak tomato sauce.


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