Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day 14 Saturday July 12th location. Golchimenovo. Just above Kazhakstan

Woke up this morning and it felt like an important day and then remembered it was Geoff's birthday. Sixty four years young today. Texted my wife as it was only 2:00am in the morning back home to thank her for the birthday card and gifts of two very slim Italian stylish reading glasses in both clear glass and sun glasses.

Put the birthday card on the front of my bike to remember Savi's kind thoughts.

Just after filling up at this service station the card came loose and is now somewhere in the Russian steppe.

Today we have covered 320 miles in a long day that ended in the last hour with cold and rain.
The roads are very very straight and long and can be very boring.

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We had to stop at one point just because one of the group was starting to get sleepy and couldn't shake it off.

We stopped early in the day at a place at the side of the road where a woman had one of these local wood heaters and was selling tea and pancakes. They were absolutely delicious.

We have stopped this evening at a roadside hotel (I use that word loosely) which has provided the smallest towels we have ever seen (450mm x 300mm) and to compound matters Geoff accidentally soaked his towel with his dirty washing and had nothing to dry himself. He tip toed back to his room that he was sharing with Frank just holding his wet washing to cover his modesty. Frank was laughing at him and saying you will get arrested if you walk about like that and when Geoff turned to close the door a woman who was walking past at that moment looked in and got a full eyeful.

The place we are staying at has a shooting lodge feel to it with stuffed animal heads mounted on the walls.

The bikes are in a secure garage at the back of the hotel all in amongst the owners washing.
In talking to a local in the hotel car park he said that Siberia is very wet after all the floods there has been. We are now starting to get very worried about what the road conditions will be like in Mongolia and on the BAM road in Siberia.

For those who have reported difficulties writing comments to the blog, Paul says he had to create a google account to make comments onto a blog.


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  1. Just caught up with your adventure. Good luck. Enjoying the blogs, keep them coming.Just so you know what you are missing I went shopping in Booths today with the wife. (then went out and did a little trail riding)
    Best wishes to you all Charlie (Ribchester)

  2. great to here from you charlie and that you can still get your leg over ................ a bike that is
    Sounds like this adventure could become a best seller hope you find a lot more lovely ladies with tea and cakes c and a

  3. Sunday Morning,just read your Blog so far, interesting times,and more to come.Hope everything goes well for rest of trip,good luck and stay safe.


  4. Keeping up with the blog with interest, wish I was with you..Take care guys.

  5. Happy birthday Dad, hope this comment gets through to you. Keeping up with the blog, it's giving us all some giggles. Keep safe , sending love. Jo x