Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day 10 Tuesday July 8th mileage 2220 Yadrin near Nizhny Novogorod

We all woke early, about 6.00 am local time to beautiful sunshine, a bright, clear and still day. Breakfast wasn't an option at our hotel which was more of a trucker's stop. Although it was pretty basic it was clean and comfortable. We all shared a bedroom which perhaps led to the early awakening.
See the photo in yesterday's post
During the day we passed a motorbike and sidecar and got a friend
wave from a local.

YouTube Video

We also crossed a beautiful river where the road split into two sections we went over the old bridge and the opposite traffic crossed a new sweeping bridge.

YouTube Video

Stayed at a scruffy looking hotel but very cheap at 2000 roubles for two rooms. The lady behind the bar was friendly enough, and we had a good meal of meat soup followed by goulash and of course beer and our first bottle of red Georgian wine and very nice it was too.

Very hot day sweaty riding especially in traffic jams in towns.


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