Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day 28 Saturday July 26th Tez in Northern Mongolia

At 5 am we heard Ryan starting his newly acquired jeep and leaving to try and cover some 400 km to the western border crossing before Sunday evening when his Mongolian visa expires. He indicated that the fine for an expired visa is 11,000,000 Tsn (about £3000)

We had a lazy start to the day but Geoff's back was no better. After resting on Dave's super thermarest outside Dave suggested trying the deep heat cream that he had bought for Geoff at the chemist next door to the Transit hotel in Russia. Geoff agreed and within 2 minutes of applying was up and about running around complaining about the extreme burning feeling. However within 10 mins the heat pain had subsided and the back muscles relaxed and the back pain went away. Geoff turned immediately from a miserable old bugger to a happy old bugger.

We spent the day washing clothes and then doing checks and minor repairs to the bikes. During inspection it became clear that one of the welds holding his side panniers to the foot peg mounts had broken away. Frank fixed it with a jubilee clip which looks like it will hold until we can find a welder.

We have all tried our hand at fishing this river but with absolutely no success.

At one point a young girl from the nearest Yurt came over with offerings of sour milk cakes. We all great fully accepted but took very small bites. She brought with her a fishing rod made of just a section of a branch, and a cork for a float. Dave gave her a hook and a fly from his fishing box and they set off together to go and fish.

Later we had a visitor on his Chineese motorbike. He came and asked for cigarettes. We gave him some beer, and nuts. At one point he just helped himself to the leftovers of the salad dressing we had had yesterday. He then pointed to our packets of pasta and indicated he would like to eat those. Dave used body language to indicate that as far as hospitality goes " enough is enough"

Late on we had a visit from a chap n a silver jeep indicating that we should not be fishing in the river. He then stormed off in his jeep and tried to cross the river only to get it stuck in the deepest part, "gentle Jesus!!"

Another home cooked meal of corned beefstew, and tubs pasta!!
Then a few beers and sitting around a campsite fire.

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