Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day 11 Wednesday July 9th mileage 2534 Mamadysh 70 miles east of Kazan

Up at the usual time of 7:30 and after packing the bikes we went and had a magnificent breakfast at the place where we had stayed. Two eggs and bacon followed by some form of curd pancake with sour cream.

Went through a section of roadway where there were quite a few "women of the night" well really women of the morning, afternoon and night, working the roadway. A car had pulled up to one and she sauntered over with what I would describe as a characteristic sexy swagger.

Unfortunately my video camera seems to be on the blink and although I thought I had a short video of these girls in fact I don't

We next stopped at a market area and when we investigated it turned out to be exclusively a smoked fish market and a pastry/curd cake market. We tried some of the curd cakes and some were ok but some were a bit iffy.

The weather has been hot and when you get caught in a traffic jam you quickly start to overheat. The scenery is changing, we have left behind the pine forests and now we are into more rolling farmland.
We have camped for the first time tonight. We are at a lovely spot right next to a large lake, but this means that there are lots of mosquitos so we are all kitted out in our net hats and dosed with DEET.

YouTube Video

We tried our hand out at fishing but only caught a tiddler so thew it back.


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  1. Being a geek, is that a Vango tent you're using? How are you finding it for such a long trip?
    Tell Frank the family back home says "hi"