Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day 27 Friday July 25th Tez in Northern Mongolia

Woke with the noise of our feathered kite friends.

A better day for Geoff and his back he managed slowly to pack up his own tent away, and lad his bike. He made the decision to abandon his road tyres as they were causing big problems with his panniers and top box which was causing him to stop every couple of miles to reassemble the load.

A good days progress with better roads. Stopped at a cairn at the top of a pass to go three times around and a couple of Mongolian motorcyclists stopped for a chat. They gave us a bottle of vodka, and we gave them a selection of miniature bottles of spirits.

We eventually arrived at a town called Tez and straight away an Englishman came over and introduced himself. He was called Ryan and was from Wetherby in Yorkshire.

His F800 BMW had crossed a stream and since then the power was poor and the clutch was slipping. He had been 5 days trying to get some help to repair it but there is nobody in Mongolia who can fix BMWs. He had negotiated the purchase of a jeep ( a Russian UAZ) from a local Mongolian entrepreneur ( he paid $1700) and was just waiting for the documents being transfered into his name so that he could take carry his bike over the border in Russia.
He was overjoyed to see us even if just to have a good moan about his plight.
We agreed to have a look at his bike and we all went to investigate. The bike was minus it's wheels and stuffed into this jeep. We lifted it octane started to open up the engine to get to the clutch. Ryan thought he had a full set of torque tools needed to unfasten the bolts on BMWs, but was in fact missing one needed to remove the engine guard. We could have started chopping it apart and doing more damage so in the end we just lifted it back into the jeep.

The Mongolian person who was selling him the jeep seemed mighty relieved that we were not able to just repair the bike.

Ryan agreed to come and camp with us for the evening and so we loaded up with beer and our free bottle of vodka and proceeded to go to a camping area just close to Tez near a large river. We all swam and washed, then cooked a large meal and talked well into the evening.

Ryan's plan was to get up early and set off for the western border crossing before his visa runs out.

More later

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