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Day 52 Tuesday August 19th

Woke up to rain this morning for the first time. Not a pleasant experience. Also because we had camped right next to the road we were kept awake with lorries clanging over the bridge.

Packing the tents away in the wet was not a good experience especially wearing mosquito nets.

Geoff noticed his panniers seemed to be wobbling about a lot and when checking found that some bolts had come totally out and lots were loose. So again with mosquito net which makes visibility poor he tightened all his bolts and replaced those that were missing.

All ready to go and Franks bike totally dead. We can't believe it was due yo the bear fence as it worked fine last night, but we had to stRt his bike with jump leads from another bike. Once started all seemed ok. Maybe someone else's bike will have to power the bear fence tonight!!

We rode into Tacsimo for petrol and Paul's bike kept cutting out on the way. We decided to stay in an hotel in Tacsimo and exchange the sender unit inside Paul's clutch housing.

Tried the three hotels and only one had accommodation and for just three people. We had noticed a bus garage when looking for hotels and we decided to ask them if we could work on Paul's bike inside their garage to avoid the Mosquitos. They were very welcoming and made space for us in their garage. They were very amused as we unpacked Paul's bike and proceeded to lie it down on its side so oil would not run out when we took the cover off the clutch housing.

Whilst we worked we got out a stove and made a cup of tea.

When the job was completed we asked them if there was a restaurant close by where we could get something to eat. The garGe owner kindly offered to lead us to a restaurant.

In the short journey to the restaurant Paul confirmed that changing the sender unit had made no difference babe problem was just the same.

So we went to this restaurant which we think was actually the canteen for the railway workers and had neat soup followed by beef chunks and mashed potato. This was all washed down with cups of coffee, iced tea, and then chocolate biscuits to finish. We all felt much better as we had not eaten since our mushroom soup /pasta at 3pm yesterday.

Over lunch we discussed various option on Pails bike and decided to check out the wiring to the neutral switch as this passes very close to the drive sprocket and is low down and will get drenched with water when the bike runs. Nobody could think how a poor contact on the neutral switch would cause the misfire problem, but we were willing to try anything.

So we put the lead that feeds the neutral switch permanently to earth and Paul now has a neutral light on even when in gear. It made no difference!!

Nobody has any more ideas, and we are scratching our heads at this problem. We have even phoned home to known local experts using the satellite phone, so clearly we must be desperate.

All answers very welcome as comments please!

Just outside from the "restaurant" there was a monument with a sea plane mounted on what looks like a ski run.

We then did a fast 40 miles further along the BAM because Paul was leading and needed to keep the revs up to ensure the bike keeps running!
The roads out of Tacsimo were quite good with lots of sand, but this was easy riding as the sand was wet and compacted.

At about 5 pm we saw what looked like a reasonable campsite and decided to set up camp with our wet tents.

We look like zombies from a horror movie with our nets on and motorbike gear.

The mosquitos at this campsite are much bigger than last nights mosquitos!

Tonight we again had a determined effort to understand Paul's misfire problem.
The spark that we can see when the CDI unit is earthed directly through the side stand is much stronger than the spark when the VDI unit is earthed via the neutral switch and the diode.

We have again shorted out the side stand switch and left it like that so that any water into the switch does not worsen the earth connection. We feel we have done this before and it hasn't solved the problem, however maybe we now have a complex two fault problem and we just need to eliminate all influence the side stand switch has.

More later

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