Monday, 11 August 2014

Day 44 Monday August 11th. Severobaikalsk norther Russia

Breakfast was not as good as yesterday. Today it was tea or coffee with omelette and two very pink luncheon meat sausages followed by a chocolate marshmallow type biscuit!

We were joined at our table by a German tourist who was wanting to get a ferry over to the east side of lake Baikal. We established that there was such a ferry but although the weather seemed glorious they informed him that the ferry would not be leaving today because of the fear of a storm!!

After breakfast everyone helped in the work of changing the tyres, cleaning the air filters and replacing the front sprockets on the chain drives.

Team work!

Later in the day our photographer friends got all their expensive Nikon cameras and stands out and cleaned them.

Denis Panferov got in touch late on to say he couldn't arrange a carrier to get the shock absorber to us in Severobaikalsk and that could he send it by a passenger on a train from Moscow to Severobaikalsk. We agreed and he will send us the details of the passenger and his seat and carriage number and the train arrival time and then we go and meet them.
We reckon there will be a 50% chance that we can find this passenger!!

Having criticised the breakfast We feel duty bound to report that dinner tonight was delicious. It was green peppers stuffed with pork mince followed by pears as a desert.

Late at night we sat on the veranda of the cabins drinking beer and looking at a perfect full moon.

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  1. I believe this was called a Supermoon that night.