Monday, 4 August 2014

Day 35 Saturday 2nd August OrkhonGol Mongolia (near Russian border crossing)

Woke this morning and broke camp alongside herd of cows that came to visit!

Nice ride first 70 km through sandy tracks and across nice river crossings.

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Paul's bike never hiccuped at all even when very wet???

Came to one river crossing and Paul went across first and came off in the deep sand at the far bank. Geoff who was watching then started to position himself to cross and lost balance and dropped his bike. This takes Geoff up to nine (9) bike dropping incidents, but still not had an off like Frank or David!!

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YouTube Video

YouTube Video

When we stopped Geoff had to adjust his chain as it was starting to jump on the sprocket. It's now at the limit of its adjustment. The considered opinion of the other three is that Geoff bought cheap with his chain and it is stretching more than the others!

The afternoon riding was very boring with long stoney dusty tracks with corrugations.

We decided to camp on the Mongolian side of the border and get an early start tomorrow with all the bureaucracy of crossing borders.

When we were travelling along the side of the river looking for a place suitable to camp Dave got his bike stuck in mud and he had to be lifted out!

The campsite is ok but next to a very fast flowing river with dirty looking water, so no swimming tonight!

Dave has noticed that his off (gentle and controlled laying down of his bike!!) has damaged his pannier more than he thought and so he has made a repair by punching out a rivet, hammering it back into shape and then sealing with silicone and a bolt to replace the rivet.

Late in the evening two fishermen came to visit their names were Brrt and Bimba. They were fishing with worm on landlines and will probably have more success than us.

More later

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