Sunday, 10 August 2014

Day 43 Sunday August 10th, Severobaikalsk norther Russia

Breakfast served at 9:00am consisted of tea or coffee then pancakes and sour cream followed by those flattened peaches whose name escapes us all.

We then washed everything that we were not wearing. The washing line outside our cabins looked like a Chinese laundry. Geoff even managed to get the use of the washing machine and washed his motorbike riding outfit. The need was not so much cosmetic appearance as aroma!!

Whilst we were resting we exchanged texts with Denis Panferov of Motorezina in Moscow and he has confirmed that he will ship he new shock absorber on Monday and it should arrive no later than Thursday.

The woman who owns this complex has also confirmed that we can stay till Thursday.

In the afternoon we decided to go and explore the local area and so walked down to where we thought we could get access to the lake. Unfortunately this just turned out to be a dirty backwater where people had boat storage lock-ups.

We retraced our steps and found a hillside path that then took us to a beach area on the side of Lake Baikal. Although attractive once we had dipped our toes into the water nobody went further and had a swim. The water is not too cold, but the access is a bit pebbly.

Owners of beachside properties had decorated there cabins in attractive colours and motifs and also provided a swing and wooden carvings of large lizards etc.

YouTube Video

We returned to our lodgings via the local shop and stocked up on beer, and other provisions then had ourselves a picnic on the veranda of the cabins.

Two Russian photographers came and joined us bringing the usual bottle of vodka and giving us some tins of meat and fish. They worked on commissions for companies and showed us a series of promotional videos that they had done on Lake Baikal in the winter for Audi. The videos were very professionally edited and gave stunning views of the ice formations that can occur on the lake. They then showed us videos they had produced of polar bears in Northern Russia.

Dinner turned out to be another slightly disappointing meal of a nice salad accompanying beef burgers and macaroni. Generally we have noticed that Russians either have very nice soups, or very poor main courses.

More later

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