Thursday, 14 August 2014

Day 47 Thursday August 14th. Severobaikalsk northern Russia

Breakfast of salty rice today!

Geoff went into town to retrace his steps from yesterday to see if he left his warm jersey at one of the shops. No luck so he had to buy a new fleece type jersey. It was an important item because as well as a warm jersey when in the evening it also needs to be able to fit underneath his motorbike jacket, and also an extra layer for within his sleeping bag when the weather is cold.

Whilst in town Geoff bumped into Vladimir at the cafe again and he told him he was to go with his wife today to his "dacha" about 10 km down the lake coastline. He said if he had time he would call in to our hostel to say goodbye.

Geoff is still suffering from the dead leg effect on his right leg between the knee and half way up his thigh. To see if he could improve things he put the extra strong deep heat cream on his back again to see if this shifted anything and can untrap the nerve we think is creating the problem. He has had this problem now for nearly two weeks.

The Canadian biker (Edward) we met in Russia when we were about to enter Mongolia turned up this afternoon at our hostel. It is amazing the coincidences that happen. We are surprised at how few adventure bikers we have seen on this trip. He is also planning to do the BAM road to Tynda. His bike is a BMW X Challenge and looks like an armoured vehicle!

Edward is 6ft 10inches tall. We have never seen a bike with such a high seat. None of us could get our feet on the floor when on this bike!

Vladimir turned up late in the afternoon and it was really nice of him to come and wish us well on our journey. He has been a real friend to us and without his help the other day we would not be in the comfortable position we are today.

We went today to the address given by a shop owner where she thought we may get bear spray. This turned out to be an outdoor hunting and fishing outlet. They had guns, knives and all sorts of weapons but the owner said we would not get bear spray in Russia.

A pleasant evening on the cabin veranda talking with Edward who has tried to ride the BAM road before but from Tynda to Severobaikalsk and failed. With the good weather we have been having he is hopeful that the riding conditions will be much easier, but even so his description of some of the bridges means we are in for a very challenging time.

Alex who is taking us out fishing tomorrow came over to meet us. We are off all say with him in his boat tomorrow. He is confident we will be having grilled fish for lunch!!

More later

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  1. Sounds like you are all enjoying a nice bit of r and r before the strenuous biking sets in! Wishing you all the best for the road ahead Dad x

  2. Thanks so much for the regular updates. Great to read and fascinating to hear of the support from locals along the way. Keep up the teamwork. Best wishes, David C