Monday, 4 August 2014

Day 34 Friday 1st August river Sengele Northern Mongolia

After a good nights sleep we went down for breakfast which consisted of vegetable soup and vegetable sushi, and tea. Not what we were expecting but pleasant enough.

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Rode out of town past large power station complex and then turned north onto a small track to take a route to Russia which does not consist of just tarmac. The first 50 km was not good just a hard stoney track with lots of dust from passing lorries that seem to go very fast on these roads.

At the sides of the road livestock just wander about and you have to be careful when passing them because they seem to just ignore the traffic. At one point we saw the carcass of a very recently hit calf with all it's internal organs spread across the road. If must have been hit by something pretty heavy to have done so much damage.

We stopped for a cup of oxo to warm up and Geoff investigated why his heated grips were not working. First though he had to get off his bike, and somehow he managed to Dallas over and his bike fell over too!

It seems the electronic heat controller must have been damaged by the battery incident yesterday it was continuously blowing fuses. He didn't get a lot of sympathy from the other three who never bothered to fit heated grips to their bikes!

Later we moved onto smaller tracks and had some of our best off-road riding to date. The tracks were steep in places and severely rutted with water channels which if you drop your front wheel into can easily get you cross rutted and pitched off the bike. Everyone successfully managed the day and had a big grin on their faces and a sence of achievement.

We decided to camp early because we were close to the Sengle river and would probably not find a better place further down the road. By tomorrow evening we should be in position to camp and get a early start for the border back into Russia.

Whilst we were setting up campsite a whole family of inquisitive visitors turned up in one car ( there must have been 10 people) but they were very friendly but could not speak any English at all.

Breaking news frank and Dave think?? That they gave fixed the fishing rod with an internal splint made from a section of Swiss file, and bonded with cotton, superglue and part of a tent repair patch!

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