Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Day 37 Monday 4th August. Irkutsk Russia

Woke and no breakfast at the motel so we parked and got ready to leave. Geoff had left his passport at the motel reception and nearly forgot it again. We need a system to remind us before we depart from an hotel to ensure we have our passports.

The day was a long ride to Irkutsk through some beautiful scenery. At one point the heavens opened and we were on the middle of a rain/hailstone storm.

We have noticed that Dave's bikes petrol consumption has worsened and he always needs more petrol than the rest of us.

There were a few near misses today mainly due to mad Russian drivers. They drive very fast and try and overtake in ridiculous situations and you feel that if a vehicle was to come in the opposite direction the offending vehicle would just push our bikes off the road!!

We arrived in Irkutsk at rush hour and then had to battle our way through the traffic to try and find the place where our tyres were sent. We were unsuccessful and decided to give up and locate an hotel. In the end we settled for a posh hotel in the centre of town and decided to stay for a couple of nights to try and get all our spares and shopping done.

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