Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day 73 Tuesday September 9th train to Moscow

Woke up this morning and when Geoff went into the restaurant car he was told by Olga to stop whistling. She wasn't joking either, apparently whistling seems to be an unacceptable behaviour.

Stopped at one station and there were loads of army vehicles, tanks, armoured personnel carriers, trucks and first aid vehicles all loaded onto railway carriages ready to go somewhere.

We also saw a section of track just off from the main line where about twenty tanks were being lined next to a ramp for getting them onto the rail carriages.

There is absolutely nothing interesting about the landscape it is just trees and more trees!

Train pulled into Novosibirsk station and stopped for 40 mins so we took some photos of the main building with its socialist realism architecture and statues.

Also got a shot of our daytime "pravadnica" who despite the scowl on her face on this photo is really quite a nice friendly person

Spent most of the day listening to Dire Straights on Paul's tablet trying not to drink too much beer during the daytime. At the evening we have a meal in the restaurant car then drink beer and on this night we opened one of the 1 litre bottles of vodka. It's lethal stuff you have no perception of getting drunk and then suddenly the bottles empty and you are blathered!

You then wake up in the early hours of the morning wondering why your mouth feels like the Gobi desert.

Journey nearly finished now, tomorrow is the last full 24hr day.

More later

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