Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day 69 Friday September 5th. On train to Moscow

So life wasn't as bad as we thought. We were given clean linen for the beds. The night was very hot however and throughout the night we received different companions in our cabins. Frank and Paul had a man and woman who left at about 7am, Geoff and Dave had a woman who also left at about 7am, but then two other people (man and woman) rejoined them. Fortunately the woman who was with Dave and Geoff snored and couldn't look accusingly at the men for snoring.

Nobody seemed to sleep well with the heat and the movement causing us to wake every 20 minutes or so.

In the morning went to the wc and couldn't get any water out of the washbasin so went to the "pravadneek" who had to come and explain that there is a stop valve underneath the tap outlet that only let's water out whilst you hold this up!

We went to the restaurant car and now in higher spirits had coffee and welcomed the forthcoming trip. Looking outside at the rain falling we all feel that we have made the correct decision to come back by train.

Found a shower unit at the end of the restaurant car. Calling it a shower unit is perhaps a little generous. It is a blue plastic washbasin on the floor, and a shower head at the end of a hosepipe. Still it offers the chance to wash and freshen up perhaps every three days!!

Meals are available in the restaurant car however we haven't eaten yet and as we have watched other people's meals arrive perhaps we need to start planning our own meals!

More later
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