Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day 72 Monday September 8th. Train from Vladivostok to Moscow

We are losing he plot!

The highlights of the last 24 hours could be sleeping through the train stop in Irkutsk at 2am in the morning!!

Paul and Frank are up to cabin/room mate number 12 but we now suspect they are not getting off the train just moving away from Paul and Frank!

This morning we awoke to colder weather and a mist everywhere so now the boring train journey just looking at trees has turned into a boring train journey just looking at a white mist.

Took a photo of the waitress in the restaurant car called Olga who keeps us fed and supplied with beer.

Geoff and Dave have to deal with a female cabin companion who lays on her stomach on the lower bunk showing us her perfect bum inside her blue Adidas track suit bottoms. Today she compounded the torture by putting a cushion under her hips!!

We stopped at a large city on the way to Novisibirsk where the train stayed for 40 minutes. We all got out and stretched our legs and took photos of this exciting event!

In the photos above you can see the "pravadnica" ( female pravadneek) who looks after our wagon. Not the kind of person you would pick an argument with.

Also the train security staff who travel with us on the train but get out at the stations to help the "pravadnica" maintain control. These railway police carry guns!

Talked on the phone to Denis Panferov who confirmed he is holding four sets of road tyres for us.

A major crisis, the restaurant car has run out of Baltyka beer!!!

Will this journey ever end!!!

More later

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