Monday, 30 June 2014

Day 2 June 30th mileage 372. Lehtre Germany

Long day riding from Rotterdam. Weather mixed in the morning but wet in the afternoon.

In the wet weather Paul's bike started to misfire again which depressed him for a while. We have just sprayed the leads with WD40 to see if this solves the problem when we next hit bad weather.

Franks bike wouldn't go into neutral and he needs to adjust his cable.

Late on Geoff's bike started to emit whips of smoke from the air breather box, and when we checked the oil it needed 700cc of oil to get back to the max setting. The engine sounds ok so hopefully we haven't done any serious damage. Looks like we will have to keep topping up the oil level even though we had thought the oil consumption problem had been fixed when the valve stem seals were replaced.
Here is a picture of Geoff parked at the side of the Autobahn topping up his oil.

The bikes were getting hot when we were caught in a major traffic jam on the Autobahn and were stopping and starting for about an hour.

After a second snarl-up around Hannover, we found a friendly hotel in Lehtre where the beer is superb and the food bob-on.

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